Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fucking school computers. Was updating my blog when it restarted with no warning. Damn, I'm pissed. Also pissed at a classmate. We did research work today for a small project, and two girls came late and had no choice but to join our group. Now, I'm not exactly 'chummy' with these two girls, particulary Joanne.

She and Bernice came late to class, but didn't put their names down on the board, where 12 other people were late and in all honesty, wrote their names down. So back to the research. When the lecturer singled her out to present, guess what she said?

"Teacher, no fair! Li Rong research so why should I present?"

Well, I'll tell you why. Because 1) You came late, updating your blog, and basically not pulling your weight, and 2) Do you expect people to do your work for you? Wake up, for Pete's sake. No one is going to help you in the 'real world'. It's the survival of the fittest.


Anyway, lots of movies seem interesting. Like Final Destination III, I'm sincerly hoping that it does not have a M-18 rating, which means I can't watch it (darn operators won't let me in before my birthday. Legally I'm still 17. Damnit.) The third installment to the Final Destination series, this movie continues the story of "Death will always win" or something like that. "There is no escape from death".... FDII ended on a somewhat grim note, where a boy got killed in an explosion, and his severed arm landing on the table where they were having a picnic, right in front of his horrified mother. Needless to say she screamed, then... ROLL CREDITS!

Another interesting movie is the 134-minute, 8 Oscar nomination Brokeback Mountain. Based on a 55-page story written in 1997, Brokeback Mountain follows the 'adventures' of two cowbows who fall in love with each other. But as 'same sex relationships' were frowned (and still is ) upon, they comformed to society's 'norms' and married a girl. Cannot remember any more of what the review said, but this sure looks okay. Dubbed a "Gay movie for straights" by reviewers and coloumnists.. *lol* Too bad it's R21.

X3 is also coming soon! I'm gonna go broke if I watch all the movies that are interesting. *watches money flying away*