Sunday, February 05, 2006

Back again.

La la la la la la la la la la la.......

Okay, so I haven't exactly been updating my blog of much. Falling into my old habit I am, LOL. I cannot think of anything to write about now, maybe when inspiration strikes I'll write something.

*Inspiration strikes!*

Yesterday (Saturday, 4th Feb'06), I had a blast with my friends at one of our yearly traditions - a Chinese New Year celebration. As with previous years, we started in the morning at Jurong Point McDonalds, for breakfast (although I didn't eat anything). At around 11am, we proceeded to take a bus to Parc Vista condominium, where the event was to be held at. We waited quite a while for the bus, 10-minutes would be an educated guess.

We alighted a stop before the condo itself, and we had to walk about 5 minutes to the main gates of the condo. We then went to the video screening room, where we watched DUNE, a flim adaptation of the book by Frank Herbert. It was okay, I guess. A little longish (3 hours, I believe), and the room was freezing (as usual). For lunch I had a bloody chicken rice, man, I hate it when there's blood in the chicken. Such a turnoff! Continued watching Dune until about 4pm, when the show finished.

We watched a bit of 13th Floor, an interesting show about altenate relaties (it's the best I can describe it..)

After that, I had a wonderful dinner. We tossed the yu-sheng (raw fish salad), but this version was vegetarian, so no fish. Someone's pair of chopsticks ended up in the mix, but no one claimed it, *lol*. I ended having to wash my hands as they got sticky with the plum sauce. Then starting dinner proper, there was sushi, curry puffs, fried rice, fish ball, behoon, spring rolls.... I only ate the roasted chicken, curry puff and 2 pieces of sushi, but was filled.

On to the games. First game was a sort of a 'bingo' game where one had to match the three attributes of the CCG card we were given. I didn't win, but the winner recieved a novel. The second game was the same, but this time, in the end if someone didn't have all the attributes called out, then they won. The winner recieved a book too. The third round was the hardest, which was to match the three attributes, but they had to be from the same affliation/species as the card that I held. Boy, this was hard. The winner also recieved a book.

The last game was a trivia game. We had to draw out little pieces of paper with topics written on it, and the audience had to quiz the person 'in the limelight' on that particular topic. The topics I chose were:

First draw: Kirk. Since I hated that guy, I opted to discard the piece for my second and last try.
Second draw: The Federation. This was an 'oh no' topic for me, as I didn't know much (at least I don't have a knack for remembering stuff.) I scroed a total of 7 points, which placed me in a tie with Sam at third place.

I went up a second time to try my luck, I got the topic as "The Borg". At least there were limited questions to be asked about the borg, but deLancie stumped me with the question : "Which actress played the Borg Queen". As I don't usually take note of who plays what on TV/ movies, I promptly passed. For the record, the answer was "Alica Kirge". I think that's how you spell the name..

deLancie won the top prize of a autographed picture of Admiral Forrester! Wow, how I wish I hd it. LOL. I did go away with a prize, that is, a keychain...

On the way back, I was wondering if I should take the train all thw way east and transfer to a bus, but risk missing the last buss from the interchange, so I decided to drop off at Outram Park interchange and transfer to the North-East line. I hate changing trains, but I hate that station even more. That particular station is pretty big, and the platforms to board the trains are far apart. I walked as fast as I could and missed the train =.=

I got off at Hougang, and decided to see if I could catch the last bus to my home (1 stop away), but as luck would have it, I rode the escalator to the ground floor, and I see the bus pulling away from the berth. There goes my ride! So I had to walk the way home. Eventually reached home at about 11.45pm - 12mn, and on the way, I realized I had forgotten my keys. Thankfully my mum was still awake... else I had to bang on the door to get her to open the door, lol.

In other news, my Motorola phone FREAKING DIE ON ME. I left it to charge overnight, and when I woke up, the phone refused to be switched on. When my spare's battery dies on me, I can say bye-bye to keeping connected with my peers and friends.

I guess that's all for now.. until next time! (whenever next time is..)


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