Monday, October 03, 2005


Long time no see.

How have you been?

As you have noticed, it has been more than year since I last posted in this blog. I decided to do it again, for some obscure reason that still refuses to present itself to me. Ah.

Well, a recap, shall we? For the past year, ya?

Well. I passed the dreaded "N" Levels. 8 points! I was elated! And I passed Math too, a subject that I've been getting consistent failures in since the start of my education. Noooo, math and me don't mix. If we were married we'd be divorced in a day, simply because I cannot grasp the concepts of maths. I can do simple calculations, but anything above that level is beyond me.

I got into my desired course at ITE SIMEI (known as ITE College East), which is Info-Communications Technology. I fit in pretty well there, although I was at first plunged at the deep end of the pool, in terms of social life there. None of my secondary school classmates were there. They were RAVING about how nice, how big College East was, and what did they do? They went to another campus, in MacPHerson. I felt a bit lonely, but later found out that there ws consolation in all this; some of my schoolmates were there. They numbered few; but I guess I can't ask for much, at least I didn't have to start over again.

But, what is life, without dramatic changes, where one must find that he must start over again? Everyone has to go through this stage, I guess.

Fast forward, to June. I manage to snag an internship with a distributing company which distrubuted a famous brand of products. At first I was excited, my first real-world job! And money, too!

Fast forward again to September. I could see that alot of my hairs had turned white, and I was disliking the job more and more. Piles and piles of paperwork came on to my desk. I thought to myself, GREAT. I was trained as an IT Technician but half of the time I was there, I was doing paperwork. Didn't even touch a PC.

To make matters worse, when the internship ended and the final paycheck given, I was devastated to find that I was given $100 less than my friends. WHY? Lack of initative. I probably did as much work as my peers. I endured 90 minutes, to get to the office through traffic snarls, I had several cuts on my hands from configuring notebooks (we had to open boxes), and I did 2 months backlog of paperwork. And All I get for that? $100 less. Sheesh, remind me to be more initiative next time, maybe I can get the $100.


Back to school I went for a crash course on Communication skills. MY, that was the most fun week I had, the past year. PERIOD. The lecturer, she was very nice to us. She was bubbly, full of energy that transfered to me and my peers.

We learnt about effective reading and listening. We had to present a powerpoint slide in the end, and were given 3 topics:

Why certificates are important in today's world.
Why students shouldn't take part time jobs.


Why smoking should be banned un public.

Either topic 3, the one on the smoking ban, was everyone's pet subject, or they chose it because it was easy. I chose it to, because smoking is bad. Second -hand smoke is much mroe dangerous than what the smoker inhales... I think we probably learnt more about smoking in one day than we learnt our entire lives.

And then we come to today.

What a day.

Started out like any other day, went to school, had breakfast, read a book. We got started on Engineering Essentials, which is basically electronic engineering, on a smaller scale. My gosh, the work, I could die from it! It involved alot of maths, and for someone who NEARLY failed maths, this is definitly going to be a problem. Ah well, I thought to myself. March on ahead, soldier! Get a better life and pull yourself out of the doldrums.It was nice being with my usual 'posse' of friends, though.

Then it started to rain. And when it rains, I get the flu, for some reason. I couldn't focus in class, because I was bleary-eyed, sneezing and sniffling all the time. My nose was like Ruldoph's red, red red. The price I pay for my hypersenitivity to cold. Me ish a heat-dwelling creature, and won't survive a minute in cold.

The past year has been an eye-opener for me, and I soaked up all the information much like a sponge does with liquids. Unfortunately, like a sponge, I forget just as easily. One step at a time, I say.

Till next time.