Friday, July 09, 2004

Ok, after a month I think it is time I started posting again.

It's gonna be a busy second half of the year, with the dreaded N-levels coming soon. I suppose its now that I realise how close the exams are. How I miss the start of the year.

My fellow schoolmates (a whole level, infact) have gone to camp. Poor them, the first day, it just rained and drizzled and rained again the whole day. When I went last year, it was bright and sunny...clouds gathered only in the last day. It was FREEZING cold, our bunk was an open one, and it was the closest to the sea, and only a line of tiny trees served as windbreakers.

A few days ago, I read my friends blog. I was rather, to say the least, shocked. He was gay. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but the news came like a bomb.

Late in the night later on the same day, I could tell that he was upset, as all his friends had shut him out after he told them about it. Singapore is less tolorant of people being different, especially being different in their sexual orentiation. Poor him.