Monday, October 31, 2005

Here I am again. All stressed out. I'm worried about my exams, and my upcoming test, but I can't find the time to study. Even if I do, distractions such as the television and the computer are there, and going other places on my own to study is also a no-no since I hate being alone.

I'm at my end's wit. I know I must learn how to relax, but how do I do so when I'm stressed so much? My favourite activity is no longer pleasing to me, which is cycling. There just isn't anywhere to go since I've explored much of my area, and I no longer have the mood to do so, opting instead to stay at home and just do nothing.

I feel as if I'm in limbo. I grasp the concepts of my current module, but that grasp is butterfingered, likely to slip out of mind the moment I think of it.

Although I need to pass this, I'm dreadfully afraid that I won't be able to do so. So much for 'elite' student, eh?

And in the news, another bomb attack has been reported, this time in New Dehli, India, barely a week from the Hindu festival of Deepavali.

Do we not shed the same blood when we bleed? Do we not cry the same tears when we cry, or when something gets into our eyes? Do we not all have a goal, to lead a comfortable life, for ourselfs?

These acts of terror have to be damned. Unfortunately with the advent of the internet, terrorists have taken advantage of it to use it to plan and excute their dastardly plans for destruction.

Perhaps for whatever political reasons, that these terrorists have struck for, I wonder what their cause really is. Do they enjoy bloodbaths, seeing mass chaos and destruction? Do they like to see people suffering, crying over the loss of their loved ones? Or do they do it just because they're bored?

I don't even know what I sound like, saying those words. But for whatever cause, acts of terror won't be tolorated in today's 'civilized' society, nor will it ever be.


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