Monday, July 26, 2004

Ok...I'm back from my long absence from posting here. Alot has been going on, I've haven't started saving for Halo 2. While I'm on the topic of Halo 2, take 5 minutes to look at this website. In case you are too lazy to look at it, this is what it says:

"redune45 writes "The Halo 2 Theatrical trailer ends with the normal Xbox logo, but it also briefly replaces with Going to it appears that the site has been 'hacked', adding to the mystery. The 'owner' of the site set up a separate blog with a post talking about the error. There is a huge thread on the forums on the same issue. The WHOIS information for this site shows that it was first registered on June 14, 2004. But no obvious clues other than that are available. What is going on here?" There's at least one Wiki set up to gather clues. We also mentioned this in an earlier Halo story. " (There are links on the page. Go there to get the links) You then MUST MUST go to this site. Something pops up and it's counting down to something. What it is counting down to, no one really knows. But, at the time of this post publish, it says: Creepy, huh? Explore other pages while you're at it. What;s this about "stars," and "sailors" and drifting "in and out of conciuousness"?

(Note: The links work only from the front page.) This is freaking me out, period. Lets see what happens tomorrow, and in 15 days. I looked up the following words, it doesn't look too bright.

Metastasize To be transmitted or transferred by metastasis. To be changed or transformed, especially dangerously: “a need for love that would metastasize into an insatiable craving for attention” (Michiko Kakutani). To spread, especially destructively: “ [disinformation]... that even now continues to metastasize... to such a degree that myth threatens to overthrow history” (Gore Vidal).

 "STRONG INTRUSIVE INCLINATION" - In other words, to strongly intrude (incline?) into something. I can't make head nor tail of this.

"network throttling will erode."

A network,


Throttle \Throt"tle\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Throttled; p. pr. & vb. n. Throttling.]

1. To compress the throat of; to choke; to strangle.Grant him this, and the Parliament hath no more freedom than if it sat in his noose, which, when he pleases to draw together with one twitch of his negative, shall throttle a whole nation, to the wish of Caligula, in one neck. --Milton.

2. To utter with breaks and interruption, in the manner of a person half suffocated. [R.]Throttle their practiced accent in their fears. -

-Shak.3. To shut off, or reduce flow of, as steam to an engine."

will erode (crumble)

What;s this all about? I have absulately no idea.