Saturday, November 19, 2005


Garden City.

Cosmopolitan city.

But are we really that advanced? I began to question myself, a proud Singaporean and always will be one. In the uber crowded Orchard Road area, it's well, crowded.

Not that crowded until there isn't room to walk, but some people piss me off. Purposely blocking your way, INSISTING that you move, now that's rude.

Well, the service sector also leave much to be desired. Me and my family were shopping earlier today, and my mum saw pillows on sale for $30 for 2. When the cashier rang up the items, it came up as $35. My mum questioned the price, and in a huff, she consulted a collegue, and came back, her face looking thunderous. If the signs says it's $30 for 2, then it should be sold at $30 for 2, right?

There is a clause in most sales, that states:

"XXX Company reserves the right to amend the prices stated in this
brochure/flyer without prior notice."

If so, then why don't they change the GIANT (Pun unintended) sized sign that says "XXX PILLOW 2 FOR $30"? Isn't that tantamount to false advertising? Prices at the register and what it says on the tag should tally, if they want to make people happy. People happy = They come back = More money for the company = improved services = people happy.

Unfortunately, it isn't often that way.

In our day and age, public transport is something we cannot do without. It's an intergral part of our scoiety, yet some buses run by SBS Transit is sub-par. I boarded a bus at the bus interchange once, to be 'hit' with the 'scent' of chemicals, not unlike what a fumigation chemical mix smells like. I had to endure 45 minutes of the smell, and the outside air, polluted with car fumes and whatnot was a glorious relief, especially since I was feeling light-headed.

Anyway, this ends my rants for now. Although I know posting here has no chance of reaching the abovementioned companies, I hope they do improve their services.