Thursday, May 18, 2006

An hour late for class!

Today was rather annoying, at least the morning was. I waited 30 minutes for a bus! I mean, 30 mins waiting for a bus is highly unacceptable, even during non-peak hours. This was during the morning rush, imagine the amount of people wanting to take the bus - and the bus was a popular service serving Ang Mo Kio, Hougang and Tampines (Svc. No. 72, AMK to Tampines).

There were about 20 people waiting to take the bus, some of them waiting as long as me. I can only imagine their annoyance when they couldn't get on the bus because it was full (I managed to get on).

A few minutes later, I found out why the bus was so damned slow - The exit door of the bus couldn't close! Each stop we waited like what, 5 minutes while the driver tried to close the door? Then eventually restarting the engine of the bus solved the problem (at least for that particular stop).

The result? A 30min journey from my place to Tampines interchange turned into a 90 minute one, including the 30 minutes that I waited for the bus. I was late for class (duh!). Ah well, at least the lecturer wasn't really that annoyed.

There were several of my classmates who came later than me, which I suppose were watching the Champions Leauge Finals early morning. Don't really care about it, though, haha.


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