Thursday, October 13, 2005

Okay. Signed up for Google AdSense to try it for a while... I wonder what it'll do. Have no idea, heh. Lets wait and see.

Had a bad start to the day today. For some reason, a traffic light at a particular junction went bonkers, and it stayed red for 10 minutes. I shrugged it off, because glitches do occur. Arrived at the interchange, and the bus that I had to transfer to had just arrived, and there was a long queue.

I was at the head of the queue, and by that time, the bus was almost full. then 3 bloody bitches cut the queue, and I also shrugged it off, but it left me annoyed. Then they went near the rear of the bus, and they blocked anyone from going further in! Those bitches should have more civic-mindedness, instead of standing there and talking to their friends. That's just plan rude.

So I was really annoyed by then, and as I was going up the bus, the doors closed and my foot was almost crushed. Luckily the bus had a auto-open function if something was preventing it from closing fully, so much danger was averted.

Then I waited. And waited. And waited for the next bus. 10 minutes. Almost late for class.

Another day, another few annoying people... Guess nothing is perfect, eh?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm starting to hate someone im my class. He's a little arrogant, because he thinks he knows everything! And just because of him, we're rushing Engineering Essentials chapter 13 because he's taking his basic theroy tomorrow. Sheesh, I'm already struggling and we have to rush. I hate this so much... Damn.

I've added a CNN RSS Feed on the top stories there, feel free to click....
2ND week in, and I'm feeling burnt out. Maths isn't exactly my strong point, and the module I'm taking, Engineering Essentials, which I've mentioned is the fundementals of electronic engineering. There are more dozens of formulae to remember, plus without a calculator, things aren't exactly favoring me at the moment.

I hate not being able to understand what is being thought, and with a subject that is loaded chock-a-bloc with math equations and the lot. I'm on the edge of a meltdown, and I feel my interest with many of the things I like waning, which includes playing Gunbound and Maplestory, formerly my favorite games. Ugh.

My throat infection isn't getting better either. Hmph, looks like I have to ramp up my intake greens...

Somehow I feel all is lost, and I feel like throwing my arms up in despair. No one is throwing me a life bouy and rescue me from the depths for throw, so I guess I'll either have to sink or swim...